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Union Township RFQ Announcement:4000 McMann C…

Union Township, CLERMONT County, Ohio Notice of contracts available for DESIGN-BUILD CONSTRUCTION services Request for qualifications (RFQ) Posting Date: February 9, 2018 Response Due Date: March 2, 2018 ...

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Union Township RFQ Announcement:4000 McMann Construction

Union Township, CLERMONT County, Ohio
Notice of contracts available for DESIGN-BUILD CONSTRUCTION services
Request for qualifications (RFQ)

Posting Date: February 9, 2018
Response Due Date: March 2, 2018

Union Township, Clermont County, Ohio, is requesting qualifications (RFQ) from interested firms to provide professional design/build construction services for the renovation and bay expansion of 4000 McMann Road / West Clermont Service Center & Union Township Public Works Facility Renovations. Interested firms may respond to one or more of the listed projects in accordance with the content and formatting requirements set forth for Qualification Statements for Union Township, Clermont County, Ohio as outlined herein, and as further outlined in the Union Township Standard Procedures for Procurement of Professional Services Pursuant to Sections 153.65-153.71 of the Ohio Revised Code, adopted May 13, 2008 by the Union Township Board of Trustees.  Specific project descriptions are included within the RFQ, which is available for download at  Projects include site planning and engineering, roadway design, construction management.  Please direct all responses to Cory Wm. Wright, Assistant Administrator, in accordance with the RFP/RFQ procedures outlined within the document. All responses must be submitted prior to 4:00 p.m. on MARCH 2, 2018.  The RFQ may be downloaded in PDF format hereStatements of Qualifications received after 4:00 p.m. on March 2, 2018  will not be considered.     


RFQ Questions/Answers Submitted 02/14/2018


  1. Are [contractors] allowed to visit the existing facility?

Contractor visits to the space will need to be coordinated in advance with the Township.   


  1. Are the SF requirements shown in Exhibit B the existing, or are they the intended requirement?

Exhibit B demonstrates the ideal scenario for finished build out upon project completion, but increased efficiencies through combined facilities may result in a small footprint than indicated. 


  1. Does the Township intend to shortlist and ask for proposals?

The project anticipates an RFP after firms are ranked based on their RFQ responses.  Selected firms deemed Qualified will be asked to submit specific proposals during the detailed RFP process.


  1. If proposals are solicited, can you identify what information will be provided to the DB consultants?

The RFQ is under development at this time.  Generally, the same specifications contained in Exhibit B will also be included in the RFP. 




RFQ Questions/Answers Submitted 02/15/2018


  1. How much of the project is expected to be renovation versus new construction?

Answer:  The project is most likely 85% -95% interior renovation.  No new structure is anticipated, with the improvements to generally be new “build out” within existing warehouse space.


     2. Will cost be a factor in the selection process?

Answer:  Cost is not a factor during the RFQ since this is included in the RFP process.  Please review the RFQ document for specific requirements.


     3. When will a GMP be required to be submitted for this project?

Answer:          GMP will be required during the RFP portion of the Design Build process.  Selected firms deemed Qualified via the RFQ process will provide GMP as part of their specific Proposal during the RFP.


     4 .Does the Township have any topographic information available for this site?

Answer:  Since the majority of the work is interior renovation or refinishing, and/or build-out, no topographical information is required at this time, nor is any available.


     5. Is the program listed in Exhibit B the existing programming that will be relocated to this new facility?  If so, can any of the uses be combined in the new facility?

Answer:  Exhibit B to the RFQ details the specific facility needs associated with the new project, and will result in the relocation or consolidation of services at this new facility.  The project description contained in the RFQ document indicates that shared    uses and consolidated footprints are part of the overall consideration process, where increased efficiencies can be realized.